All You Need to Know About Custom T-Shirt Printing Designs

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So, you may have decided to get a few custom T-shirts for your collection or rather to attend a team activity at work. There are plenty of online as well as brick and mortar ventures there to help you.

But the question is what are you going to print on your T-shirts. Irrespective of the occasion and reason for the outfit, there are certain important points to consider while engaging in T-shirt printing.

Cacecy Apparels- one of Singapore’s finest custom T-shirt printing gives a glimpse on design elements to be considered in T-shirt printing.

Custom T-Shirt Printing Designs

1. Designs with Text or Slogans
A T-Shirt printing design can be a basic word text with a meaning or a slogan, which is common. A one-word text design, for example, could be just ‘POWER’, ‘AMAZING’, Don’t Give Up’ etc. Due to the basic character of the design, these are frequently created utilising silkscreen printing or embroidery.

2. Designs with Digital Artwork
Digital artwork, such as illustration vectors or sophisticated designs generated using popular tools are getting popular. You can easily generate designs using these tools without much professional assistance. There are so many sources online to locate the perfect image. If you locate the perfect image in rasterized form, you can convert it to vector using Photoshop or software like Vector Magic.

3. Designs with Paintings or Photographs
Custom T-shirt printing designs can include photographs you shot with a camera or a painting you created. Digital heat transfer printing, for example, allows to maintain the original colours of a painting or photograph that can be put on a T-Shirt. You may showcase your creativity with a one-of-a-kind bespoke T-shirt design.

What Makes a Great T-Shirt Design?

Thousands of T-shirt designs are printed on garments and other goods. What are some of the most important things that go into creating a great design? Check out some of the things to consider when designing your T-shirt so you can create the best one ever!

1. Ensure Image Quality
One of the most common issues individuals have with their T-shirt printing is with the quality of the image file. Your artwork’s image quality can make or break the final result. When printed out, low-quality images may not be crisp enough and appear pixelated. Some of them are so low resolution that we can’t print them! At full size, use artwork files and photos with a resolution of at least 300 dpi. Vector files, such as PDF, EPS, AI and SVG are high-resolution files that are compressed, so they don’t take up a lot of space!

2. Concentrate on Fonts
If your design is centred on words and text, it’s better you pick the right font. When it comes to T-shirt printing, the appearance of your artwork is just as crucial as the words you choose. An angelic and nice slogan phrases design, for example, might not look so friendly when paired with a hardcore bold font that evokes hatred and rage! The same can be said for motivating quotation designs developed with fonts that are too light and not bold enough. As a result, think about the typeface you’re going to employ and how it might alter how the message is conveyed.

3. Placing the Image
The positioning of the design on T-Shirts is also crucial. A common issue with design placement is that it is printed too low from the chest area, resulting in the design being printed near the ‘belly’ area. Imagine a design that extends too far down near your stomach. That’s not going to look good! Even if your design is too high towards the neck collar, it will not look as great. Go for standard chest area measurements for printing designs on your T-shirts.

Why Hire Cacecy Apparel

Cacecy Apparel is a T-shirt printing and company uniform design firm situated in Singapore. Silkscreen, direct to garment, dye sublimation, heat transfer, and embroidery are some of Cacecy’s specialties.

Cacecy’s expert team of professionals aim to provide finest quality customised T-shirts offering great service at good rates. You may find a unique and creative way to make your business or message stand out with so many intriguing designs for custom printed t-shirts! Cacecys can help you design, create, and print your own custom screen-printed t-shirts today.

If you’re having difficulties getting the design exactly how you want it, feel free to start your design and leave feedback, and one of our artists will gladly finish it for you.

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