Direct To
Garment Printing

Direct to Garment (DTG) printing is a method of printing a digital picture directly onto your clothing utilizing cutting-edge printing technology and materials. This method enables us to print any quantity order with extremely detailed full color designs at a minimal cost.

 DTG Printing Method

Print Any Design with DTG Printing

Any design is achievable with our professional team of direct to garment printers. With every order, we guarantee great accuracy, exceptional consistency, phenomenal print output, and inexpensive pricing.

Direct-To-Garment (DTG) printing is a popular technique of customised clothing printing in Singapore for quite some time. Consider a large printer that prints directly onto a garment, such as a t-shirt, utilising modified inkjet technology. This method allows you to print your image straight onto your clothing without sacrificing any details.

This printing technology is similar to digital heat transfer printing or sublimation printing in that it can print real-life photos or intricate designs on t-shirts without spending much. Let’s have a look at this cutting-edge printing technique.

Colorful T Shirt Designs

Large Selection of Vivid Colors

Direct to Garment printing uses specialized inks that are easy to mix to create lively, vivid colors for your t-shirts, polo’s, sport jerseys and apparels.

Large order of Printed T Shirts

Available for Large & Small Orders

Unlike Silkscreen printing, DTG printing requires little set-up time, which allows use to offer cost-effective printing on both large & small orders

Colorful T Shirt Designs

Detailed Artwork & Design

Direct to Garments computer aided printing allows you to print integrate, detailed images and graphics in addition to a rainbow of colors.

Why Should You Use Direct-To-Garment Printing?

Cacecy Apparel Singapore specialises in highly detailed short-run prints on cotton clothes. If you own a fashion label or want to supply bespoke apparel for an event or business, direct to garment is a low-cost solution with a wide range of options.

Because digital photos can be used, you can easily make a design using software, upload it to a supplier’s website, and print out shirts or bags with that same design. There is almost no quality loss, and perfect replication ensures that you always get a high-quality design.

[blockquote]Cacecy Apparel can help you create the perfect printed T Shirts for your next school event, Club gathering or team building experience.[/blockquote]

The wide range of colour selections eliminates the need to compromise, as with other printing technologies, and the inexpensive setup costs make it ideal for one-time production runs or rare-use ones. Being eco-friendly also helps to ensure that your firm is green, which may be a significant element when promoting to specific demographics.

Although direct to garment printing has limits, it is an efficient solution for high-quality advertising clothes when the correct garment and quantity are used. Please contact us if you would like to learn more about DTG printing and the services offered by Cacecy Apparel.

How to Order

Create a Concept Design

Cacecy Apparel will work with you to help decide what type of design to use on your printed garment.

Choose a Printing Process

Once you have selected a design, we then focus on which printing process meets both your design requirements and project budget.

Confirm Product Quantity & Delivery Date

We can confirm your delivery date, after we understand the type of printing process your project will require.

DTG Printing’s
Benefits and Drawbacks

We have also come up with some pros and cons of DTG printing to help you make a better decision when narrowing down on the type of t-shirt printing services.


  • Print full-colour graphics with no detail loss.
  • When compared to silk screen printing, printing in small numbers can be done at a lower cost.
  • For white clothing, ink is part of the apparel, while soft touch ink is part of the apparel for dark garments, giving it the quality of t-shirts sold in branded retail shops.


  • Price – While printing full-colour graphics at lower numbers is less expensive than silk screen printing, it is a more expensive type of printing, especially for larger sizes like A4 or A3 sized designs.
  • Printing on dark clothes will increase the cost even more. This is because, in order to achieve the full image printing effect on dark garments, a first layer of white ink must be printed on the garment as a basis, followed by the actual ink colour of the design.
  • Efficiency- Takes longer than standard bulk silk screen printing because only one design may be printed at a time on a single machine.
  • It is not appropriate for creating individual names or numbers at a low cost. This will necessitate the use of the vinyl heat transfer printing process.

Clothing Suitable for DTG Printing

Apparels: All T-Shirts, All Polo T-Shirts, All Outerwear, Singlets & Tank Tops, Caps & Hats, Corporate Uniforms, Workwear and All Shorts & Pants and Promotional products.

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Cacecy Apparel DTG Printing Recommendations

DTG printing is intended for consumers who want to print full-colour designs onto their clothing using cutting-edge inkjet technology. Printing these full-colour designs in small quantities is suitable for customers with limited quantities.

Due to the nature of DTG printing, the price does not considerably decrease over big quantities because the set-up costs are pretty much fixed.

In terms of pricing, this is the same as embroidery, albeit embroidery costs less in larger numbers. Although the printing quality may be more enticing to many of our consumers, the price may not be the same.

If you’re on a shoestring budget but want to print full-colour designs on your t-shirts, use our heat transfer printing process or the custom-made services that generate cut-and-sew apparels.

It is a much more cost-effective method of printing, and we highly recommend it.


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